March 15th, 2010

yamadas, I win

Spreading the Eito in the UK :D

Hello! This is my first post to the community onegaishimasu 8D

Anyway, just after christmas, I submitted a letter to NEO magazine (The magazine responsible for covering japanese anime/manga/pop culture in the UK). In it, I explained how I would LOOVE to see them covering more Jpop stuff, and specifically (bwahaha~) More of that awesome group called Kanjani8, cue fangirlish paragraph on how much I love them, how they claimed all the top spots on the oricon with their special singles 83

What I didn't expect is that THEY PUBLISHED MY LETTER AS THE STAR LETTER FOR THIS MONTH~  and I won a prize, ehehe......
:D So, have I done something towards spreading the word about Kanjani8 in the UK? I HOPE so. Most of the readers are J-rock lovers, so Eito is way out of their comfort zone (lulz)

In any case, if anybody has a chance to pick up a copy of NEO magazine issue 69, flick to the letters page, and feel happy that maybe just a few more people have discovered these awesome guys and their awesome fandom :D

Thanks for reading 8D 


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