April 11th, 2010


[Countdown Con 0910 DVD] Karaoke clips with English translation

Hi everyone, it's me again (but I guess no one really cares who I am), and I'm here to share with you the karaoke clips I made from their performances in the new DVD: Kimi no Uta wo Utae, Rolling Coaster... (I'm still doing some others).
Not really anything much, but if you have interest, please visit here and have a look. And welcome to any comments :">
That's all. Thanks a lot, and wish everyone a nice Sunday!
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Cover and Guitar Chords

Hello fellow eighters~!
How's everyone going? Well just wanted to share with you guys yet another cover. This time it's ローリング・コースター (Rolling Coaster) I'm kinda liking covering songs from the Kansai boys ^^ Haha oh well here it is.

And as a special treat, I've decided to share my version of "ひとつのうた" (hitotsu no uta) guitar chords with everyone here. I'm still not certain if it's 100% correct so if you guys think something's not right, don't hesitate to tell me so! You can check it out here in this post.

Happy Sunday guys!

Dumb question is dumb. But I offer goodies in return!

Question: You know the '45' all over Yoko's solocon stuff...is there any meaning behind it or is it just a random number?

Speaking of Yoko's solocon stuff, I have a preview of the pamphlet! Keep in mind, its just me taking pictures of the pages, so its nothing great. But I haven't seen anyone share any scans of it yet, and these photos are too good not to share! *waits patiently for some awesome person to scan it and share with us cuz I need icons of this pamphlet like burning*

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Also, completely random and unrelated to my question, but are there any Eiter lolitas? If so, we need to be LJ friends like NOW XD

Translation - Duet December 2009

In this article, Eito talks about... food. Subaru talks about Taeko's cooking, Maru cries about something his sister said, Hina still loves italian food, and Ryo likes... BUKKAKE?! (ufufufufu *dirty mind*)

Not a super interesting interview unless you like food. Picked this one to translate because Taeko was mentioned and also because the pictures were funny (esp Ryo's butt grabbing pose).

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