April 15th, 2010


Yoko Solo con in Oita (5/5)

Konnichiwantsu-u-u Eighters! It's my first time posting in the community so please be gentle if I make mistakes. :)

I have a question for the fellow Yokoyama You fans:

Is anyone going to the Oita Yoko's solo concert on May 5 in 大分・iichikoグランシアタ? The venue's seat capacity is only 2000 people so the view is pretty good from practically any seat (you can check it yourself).

If there is anyone who is going or is thinking of going,

a) Would you like to meet before/after the concert for some sort of "celebration" or just to share thoughts and impressions? 

b) Have you bought tickets already? If not, would you be interested in considering buying tickets together? (I'm going alone and tickets are usually sold in pairs, so if there is a person who is also alone we could combine our powers and get awesome seats for a cheaper price!)

Leave a comment or send me a PM.