May 13th, 2010

Sobu love <3

Ohkura's new drama!

He has a new drama starting this July at 9 on Sundays on TBS, title undetermined yet. It'll star Higashiyama as a genius doctor who can guess one diagnosis after another, and the storylines will be about uncovering various medical mysteries. They will consider patient complaints, symptoms, and their home and work environments in their diagnosis. Other stars include Tabe Mikako, Yoshizawa Yuu, Koike Eiko (yay!), and Oowada Shinya. Ohkura seems to be playing a nurse :)

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Tokyograph (translation of Sanspo)

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UPDATE: I didn't read Sanspo directly (sorry!) but like mentioned up in the full text translated by Tokyograph, Higashiyama's character also has an extreme germ phobia (will not touch any of his patients because of this) and no interest in women! Should add an interesting comical twist XD

Credits go to Cindi for the heads up :)