May 14th, 2010


Kanjani8 places in Japan (Kansai/Kinki, Chugoku and Kyushu)

Hi guys!

I will be heading to Japan next week. And since I probably have already been to every temple/tourist attraction place in Kyoto and Osaka I wanted to make this trip Kanjani8 themed. :D

So if you can recommend me some Kanjani8 places in Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, etc.), Chugoku (Hiroshima) or Kyushu, I will be very grateful! 

I already have plans for Tacchon's family's "Torikizoku" and Tenryu Temple (recommended by our Kyoto-jin Maru in Myojo's June issue) but I would love to know about other places as well! It can be anything, from the regional food the members liked to places to get Kanjani8 merchandise.

Please and thank you!

[translations] Potato - June 2010 + other bits

Potato's Eito no Anone crosstalks: 1004 (Yoko x Maru), 1005 (Baru x Yasu), 1006 (Hina x Tatsu)
Wink up's Dengonban (Message Boards): 1005 (Yoko, Ryo, Baru, Yasu), 1006 (Hina, Ryo, Baru, Yoko, Maru, Tatsu)
Random bits: 1003 Potato - RyoPi (short crosstalk, days as Jr.s), 100424 news24 - yoko blurb (eito comes watch yoko~), 1005 Potato - Eito offshots
And then finally, an actual article lol: 1006 Potato (on the theme of "Respect," I personally found this rather interesting :D)
I hope you find at least something fun to read XDb

[Report] Yoko Solo Part 3 - May 3, 4, 8 & 9, 2010 (Saga, Nagasaki, Toyama)

I went to a few Yoko solo concerts last week and have written a quick report for those shows. I've also listed up the things that he said during the MCs.

There are MC reports for the 6 shows I went to HERE and it also includes the first show on the 9th, which was his birthday show. The Veterans celebrated his birthday on the stage. It was a lot of fun :-)