May 23rd, 2010


[Report] Yoko's Solo Con in Ehime

I went to Yoko's solo con in Ehime today and wrote a report here. It's not a full concert report (I've written those before so please feel free to look through my journal for those) but just wanted to let you know how he was today. The report might not be as objective as I usually make them, so I apologize for that in advance.

Onigishi(オニギシ) For Yoko's Mum

I didn't know my first post would like this.

But what I want to say is MAY SHE REST IN PEACE.

I collected some videos and fanvids this afternoon and made this for Yoko's Mum.

Hope Yoko and all the people who loves him feel better.

2006-オニギシ-Heat Up
2007-オニギシ-Yoko Solo
オニ ギシ Animation - Fanvid
オニギシ Piano Version - Fanvid
090921-スパイスTV どーも☆キニナル!

(no subject)

My first post here! Sorry if this is inappropriate, but I was just listening to Yokos' song "Hope" and it really touched me. So beautiful! I was wondering if there is somewhere the lyrics to this song. Could someone help me find it? Or maybe there are no lyrics yet, because the song is new? Thank you.

My condolences to Kimi-kun. We, Eighters, will always be supporting you.

To the wonder boy with all my love

When I saw the sad news yesterday, I was shocked and then I cried... I was thinking how much he loves his mom and can't believe it. I love writing. But yesterday I wasn't sure if I could write something, today, after seeing that. So I needed to take away all this feelings I have inside my heart and keep smiling, like Yoko, who really is a strong boy ='). So, I wrote this story, about Yoko and his beloved mother. May she rest in peace. I know she will 'cause she have a wonderful son ^^.

I wrote it in english and spanish. English isn't my first language so, FEEL FREE to correct all the mistakes.
I know there are a lot D:

To the english version

Para leer en español
yellow; ryo

Janiben episode?

 Hello everyone! I have a quick question about a Janiben episode I saw a while back.
I can't remember who the guest was (I thought it was Fijiwara but I was proven wrong), but I remember he had Kanjani spell out "Kanjani8" with their bodies. Ryo-kun was the mugendai from what I remember and the guest was the thinking statue. Does anyone know which episode I'm talking about? If so, please let me know! Thank you!

Yokos solo con in Fukuyama

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from the last Yokos concert in Fukuyama and I just wanted to tell you that he looked really happy by end of the concert. Not faking it, not pretending, he looked like he was enjoying it as much as his audience! And there were two little girls sitting in front of me and a woman with her mother next to me and I saw some father of the family and they all came to see Yoko because he brings so much joy to everyone and everyone loves him! And the support from the audience was fantastic! We had 4 encores and by the last song "Zukkoke Otokomichi", I couldnt stop grinning. It was a blast. We all felt it. Yoko felt it. And that is the most important thing.

As for the concert itself, IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! It surpassed all my expecations and I can never be thankful enough for what Yoko does for everyone around him no matter where we all are.