June 7th, 2010


[fanfic] He's Mine

Title : He’s Mine [oneshot]
Pairing : Shibutani Subaru/Yasuda Shota, Ohkura Tadayoshi/Yasuda Shota
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Fluff, angst, romance
Word Count : 2,104
Disclaimer : Written for entertainment, not profit.
Author’s Notes : OHYASUBA DRIVE US CRAZY! LOL This time is a love-triangle-story (so like drama, but it seems the three of them don't care anyway) XDD
Summary : Shota is not blond anymore. Subaru realized this and so does his fellow co-actor.

“My back… and wrists… it hurts…” said Yasu. “But my heart ache even more, Shibuyan..” )


YokoHina's "Pair Look" from Recomen 100527 [TV Guide]

They were selling the latest TV Guide at the Fukuoka Airport so, of course, I had to take a picture of YokoHina wearing matching outfits. XD

Recomen 100527 (small)

Full size (1425x760)

And a whole Kanjani8 page.

TV Guide (small)

Full size (1500x2000)

Maru is weird and lovin' it & Yoko met his childhood dog (haven't read the other parts yet...). :)

PS: I have just discovered that homiyasu has already posted good quality scans here. ;)