June 15th, 2010

  • ayu_t

Fan meeting in NJ/NY? + shops

Hi guys!

Next Sunday I'm flying to the US to stay there for a month. I'll be at a friend's house in New Jersey, but I'll be also spending a lot of time in New York. So, I was wondering if any Kanjani8 fan (or fans) living around there would like to meet sometime and chat and fangirl together? I love meeting new people, and I think it'd be really nice ^^ BTW, I'm Spanish but I speak both English and Spanish, so no problem :)

You can either leave a comment in this entry or at my LJ, or perhaps you'd prefer to pm me. We can also exchange email adresses to keep better in touch if you like :)

Oh, and I have another question for you. I think this has been asked a few times already, but I can't find an actual post >.< I'd like to know where to buy JE-related goods (CDs, DVDs, magazines, etc) in NY. I'd be grateful if you could simply redirect me to it or something :3

Thank you very much in advance!

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[fanfic] Hate Me

Title: Hate Me
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi
Genre: Angst/AU
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ryo's a drunk and an abusive partner. Uchi becomes the victim. (I suck at summaries so yeah...)
Disclaimer: Don't own the title. Don't own the characters. Sadly, only the plot is mine.
Author's note: Based on Blue October's 'Hate Me'. This is a whole bunch of firsts for me. First attempt at writing angst, first attempt at writing Uchi and first attempt at… well you’ll read it later. Hope it's 'angst-ish' enough. Criticisms are welcomed! ^^ (But no flaming please. My heart is made up of fragile glass...). Enjoy :).

<“So you’re leaving huh?”>