June 19th, 2010

yamadas, I win

Wonderful World!! Romaji

Hello! I decided to make some romaji for wonderful world!!, because...because I'm really really excited for my single to arrive and I really can't help singing along to the preview!! YAY!! 8D
because this is a great way to spend time in which I could be revising for my iminent exams 9_9
So here they are :3
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Picspam Chibi Yoko

Hai hai hai minna~
(. ^ __________~ .)/
The picspam of Yoko is the second most choice that you choose from my list after The Sexy Ryo.
i confused which pics that i will post and i think i want to share Chibi Yoko.
Hope you like it, minna. he is so cute and like a foreigner since he was a little, make us can't help to love him ^ w ^

let's look and grab the pics but don't forget to comments, nee
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MinEw versione montagna

[8] LAYOUT VERSION] this is the wall i must overcome

I made one Layout with 8 different version.
01 - Shigeaki Kato ; Tegoshi Yuya
02 - Ryo Nishikido
03 - Yamashita Tomohisa
04 - Masuda Takahisa
05 - Shigeaki Kato
06 - Ryo Nishikido
07 - Tegoshi Yuya
08 - Koyama Keiichiro

Resources and credits over there.


Please don't remove my credit if you take it.

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