June 27th, 2010

It's a wonderful world.

[Lyrics + Translation] Wonderful World!!

Hello, guys! :) Wonderful World!! is such a fun song! Quite a bit different from the previous ones, but fun nonetheless! :D Even though it's not officially released yet, I decided to translate it because of my excitement. 8D

You can find the kanji lyrics, romaji lyrics, English translation, and color-coding of Wonderful World!!
HERE in my journal. Thanks! And enjoy! :3


Made some more wallpapers! AND because so many people in this community are so nice my wallpaper focus has turned to Kanjani8 more and more, so look out for them as they come.

Click images to see all

Thanks again everyone, great if you comment  if you take or like them <3

*EDIT* It was brought to my attention that  Ohkura's name ended up being miss spelled. (oh well things happen right?) It will be fixed by this afternoon.