June 29th, 2010


It's almost time for #WonderfulWorld !!!!!


In just a few hours Wonderful World single will be out, and to commemorate the release of Kanjani8's 14th single, please including the hashtag #WonderfulWorld in your tweets on June 30, 2010 - 8pm JST.

Why #WonderfulWorld?

Other than the obvious reason that it's the title of their new single, the success of the #WonderfulWorld Twitter Project will also signify, how WONDERFUL Kanjani8 fans are WORLDwide by coming together to do this for Kanjani8. Another is that the idea of
#WonderfulWorld is not only limited to Kanjani8, for there are many other reasons why a person can tag #WonderfulWorld. As the idea of the Title goes, the WORLD is really WONERFUL and even other people can join in and tweet why they think the WORLD is WONDERFUL and help us put it in the Trending topics Worldwide. 

It would also be helpful if we can get this Twitter Project to cross over the Japanese fandom for we know how fast Twitter is growing in Japan and they can be a great help for this project to succeed. So if you guys have friends who are Japanese fans, please pimp this project to them.

For those who wants to join in but does not have a twitter account here are a few tutorials:



Also please unlock/un-private your accounts for your tweets to be counted. Tweet as much as you can for the more of us tweeting the same time the greater chance for it to trend.

Remember: Hashtag #WonderfulWorld in your tweets on June 30, 2010 - 8pm JST and let's show the World how Wonderful Kanjani8 is
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