July 13th, 2010

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Confirmation of the single from "The Television" magazine

Kanjani8's first theme song for a drama!

"The theme song for the drama Ohkura Tadayoshi is acting in. Surprisingly, it's their first theme song since their debut. With a band performance and a rock taste, it will show a different side to Kanjani8 than their previous pop single, wonderful world"

Sorry for my sucky translation but YAY ROCK SONG!! AND BAND PERFORMANCE :D

It says the price will be 1,470 yen. Now all we need are preorder links~ :D *waits*
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More fan meet ups in NYC~

Perhaps it's a little too late to post about this, but I still wanted to remind you in case you want to come and/or haven't heard about it :)

We're meeting on Friday, more details here @ my LJ ♥

Oh, and btw, would anybody be interested in meeting to fangirl tomorrow? If you are in the city or nearby and don't have any plans, why don't you join livelovespeak37 and me? Just leave a comment on this entry and we'll speak about the details :D

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[translations] 100714 Daily Sports (Eito's new single) + more XDb

A couple of older and not so old translations~ ^^
1005 Betsufure - Eito (tsushin report)
100618 Chunichi - Crossdressing Eito
100623 Nikkan Sports - TOKIO's 24h TV (Eito complains to TOKIO)
1004 Takatsuki Walker - Hina
100623 Eito - Wonderful World!! PV filming report [vol.1]
100701 Daily Sports - Hina's comments on the World Cup
1008 WU - Dengongban (Maru/Tatsu/Hina)
1008 Potato - Eito no Anone: Baru x Hina
and fresh out of the oven so to say: 100714 Daily Sports - Eito's new single

...and I recently got into contact with a lovely who'll get me hina's jwebs!
she prefers to stay anon, but i'll be posting his stuff while I keep getting them ^^ .
100513~100624 + 100701 + 100708 8Db