July 14th, 2010



Third times a charm! Again each boy has thier own wallpaper, and a possible group wallpaper on the way... all depends if I find the right look.


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~*~ also if anyone has any requests I am more than welcome to take on the challenge ~*~

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[Preorder] ""LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~""

Drama theme for 『GM~踊れドクター』

The first for Kanjani∞!

Limited TYPE A    ¥1,470
(Limited Edition A comes with a bonus DVD including music video and making-of video.)

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp    YESASIA

Limited TYPE B    ¥1,470
(Limited Edition B comes with a bonus DVD with special footage "Prologue of Patch #5-8.")

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp    YESASIA

REGULAR    ¥1,000 (1st PRESS*while available*)
(1st Press comes with making-of photo booklet. 7 tracks included.)

CDJapan    HMV    Amazon.co.jp    YESASIA

Limited editions and the regular edition feature different artworks.

Want more information?? OF COURSE YOU DO. enshinge has a post here with track info and a very nice translation of a news article!

Official Site: http://www.teichiku.co.jp/artist/kan8/