August 1st, 2010



so i constantly check the site because im rediculously anxious to see what they have going on with it and FINALLY something with substance comes! i clicked on the door and a little animal gave me this note thing, the catch is that i cant read a damn thing on it! so here is a screencap of it, if anyone could translate that would be insanely fantastic of you and ill adore you forever :D

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Fanart : Nishikido Ryo

Hello Eighters !

So I made a drawing of Ryo-chan from this picture here.

If you are interested, you can see it Collapse ).

Don't hesitate to drop comments, it'd make me happy. ^ ^ And, yeah, constructive criticism is welcome of course! Oh, and if you like it and want some others, you can request drawings on this post, and I'll see what I can do for you. Thanks!


Title: PRIDE
Pairing: OkuraxYasuda (Some appearance of Eito rangers as well.)
Rating: PG
Summary: He started to be careless with his joke…now he regretted it.
Word count: 1, 335 words
Author’s note: Sorry for some minor grammatical errors. English is not my primary language. >.< Not to mention I'm sleepy.