August 5th, 2010

may i steal a little time from you?

probably there was an entry with a question i want to ask, but may you be kind enough and help me?

1. as far as know, subaru shibutani-san has a tattoo on his left hand. what kind of tattoo is it? does any other member has any?

2. i know this is lame, but recently i watched some show, there rimioromen was talking with nishikido ryo-san, he mentioned that he hasn't finished high school. Is it true? does any of other kanjani 8 members have finished high school? as far as i know, none of them definetely haven't studied in university, right?

thank you for your time.
[tacchon] darekimi

[lyrics] Aoshashin

Simply like this, I just repeatedly listened to the RECOMEN audio file kazukiayuuma  uploaded, and pulled out the lyrics.
I'm not saying they're the exact ones, but the file was so clear I think I got 90% of it right~
So, I thought I'd share with everyone^^

Got it up in my journal, color-coded and all~

Watching after the fireworks, I overcame my loneliness

PS - I didn't translate it~ Just pulled the lyrics together!
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Community/Subbing Release Updates August 2010

Hello everyone! I may not have internet access on the 8th so I'm posting this a few days early. Happy early Eito Day! Here are this month's updates:

One new community:

aysubs: A Kanjani8 English language fansubbing community.

Subbing updates:

*Posts are locked. Follow the directions in red in this post to join.

July Eito releases:
0478. 100628 HEYx3 - Eito (boyfriend rankings + Wonderful World!!)
[en] 0044. Kanpani DVD vol.1, Jingles Complete Edition

Please comment here if you want to share your subbing updates next month and here to advertise your new community.

I hope you don't mind these were left uncut as they were short :) I hope everyone's having a great summer!

And a few reminders about community rules:

  • No links to locked posts are allowed to be posted directly in this community, whether it be to a locked journal or a locked community. If you want to post your subbing/translation releases, please check the sidebar on how to do it.
  • If you will leave your post public for a short period of time then lock it, please leave your post untagged. These rules are all posted on the sidebar and community profile.