August 7th, 2010


[fanfic]: 8 drabbles

Since it's eito day today, I wrote a bunch of drabbles. All of them are about how each member views eito (except for Yasu's. I just can't help myself for his) and they're kiddie-safe :D.

So here's:

Yasu's :  <Just Listen.>
Ryo's:  <Picture Perfect.>
Hina's: <On the Way Back Home.>
Uchi's: <Black and White.>
Tacchon's: <Odd One Out.>
Subaru's: <Up and Down.>
Yoko's: <Through Rose-Tinted Glasses.>
Maru's: <Toothache.>

Happy Eito Day!
Mugendai - jisatsu_

Happy Mugenday! :D

Yes, today is (or will soon be, depending on your timezone) the 8th of August - 関ジャニ∞の日! So to celebrate, our lovely mod nira_chan has made a Twibbon for use on Twitter. If you have an account, go here to show your support! :D We've also been adding the hashtag #mugenday to our tweets, so please join in and celebrate Kanjani8 and come together to share our love for them! :D How awesome would it be to get it trending?!