August 11th, 2010

  • hopiyaa

Kanjani8 47 tour photobook

Hi there! :) before anything else, mods please feel free to delete this post if i violated or something.
Well, i really can't seem to find kanjani8's 47 tour photo book. Can someone give me a link for me to download? If i am asking to much, just tell me if there is a source where i can copy some. hihi.  THIS is for personal pleasure only. I won't upload it elsewhere. Promise! Thank you very much! :D
[tacchon] darekimi

[request] Shigotonin perfs

 Hey guys~

A long time ago I'd watched online performances of Kyoka Suigetsu, and after making my own search back and forth through the comm's tags, searched 
[info]onlyeitofiles  too, still didn't find them. I'm looking for files of their Music Station 3h SP performance of Kyoka Suigetsu, part of which is this

and also their Shonen Club Premium performance of the song, though I don't remember the date, which is this

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Request was fulfilled! Thank you guys, really!

yay new guy at club 8!

so, theres a new guy in town!
this one sounds too much like a hottie so i'm guessing our very own nishiki <3
but the yoko stories about maru being so cool at bars is still ringing in my ears D: 
the icon for this guy is a cocktail shaker, too.

Jonni (johnny)
Using his prideful looks*, he seduces woman to get information for work.

*this one i'm not too sure, prideful as in handsome? or prideful as in proud..? 

hope my translation is better this time around :D

ok, and once again a screen shot.