August 17th, 2010

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Hello! :D :D nira_chan and I were thinking in honor of K8's new PV we should use the tag #k8forlife on Twitter! :D We also want to try to trend it on 8/25 when the single officially comes out, but it'd be great if we could start using it now. Especially since this is such a special occasion being Eito's first drama theme! :D

Thank you!!! :D :D

About Yokoyama Family...

Mod, just delete this post if it's suitable for this community!

I've heard this rumor few days ago from my japanese friend, it's a rumor about Yokoyama family 
She said Yokoyama Yuu has different father with his two younger brother, that's why he has a quite big age different with his first younger brother (it's about 7 or 8 years) and the brothers is not really look a like, Yuu is way more good looking than his two brothers

My friend also said there's arumor that Yokoyama Yuu is a illegitimate son of a powerful person in Japan and his mother gave birth to him in such young age (about 20 or 21 years old)  

Even for me it's really sounds like a dorama story, so I want to ask you guys in this community if any of you has a better information or any of you has any picture of Yokoyama younger brothers, are they really doesn't look a like?