August 21st, 2010

ryo: monologue #2

FIC: Lucky Sevens - Part 3

Lucky Sevens
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo X Uchi Hiroki; appearances from the rest of Kanjani8 members.
Rating: closer to... R
Genre: Angst, Romance, AU
Disclaimer: It's only fiction... but it's mine.
Summary: Ryo is a boxer living a lonely existence in a dark corrupted Tokyo. One day he meets Uchi Hiroki and loses his luck. Or maybe he just found his last chance.

A/N: Inspired by Kanjani8's Prologue of Patch and Monologue pv.

 part #1 | part #2


(...even when you lose you need some luck.)

[tacchon] narushima flail

Regarding GM

As we all knew, no one had decided to sub GM Odore Doctor. BUT, browsing through d-addicts, I found THIS. So they say they ARE going to release subs.

I don't know if you guys want them, but I do, even if I don't really need them. BUT, regardless of the subs matter, I'm making my own episodes summary, typing slowly and every week a detailed description of what I understand from the episodes -still private locked on my LJ- which is going to be complete when the drama is complete, but I'm going to be posting in parts, the first 5 episodes and then everything else. 

But even though I watch the episodes online at the airing time and then download them when they're out, I noticed that no one uploaded the 5th episode so far, although it's a week since it was aired. So my request comes here. Do you guys know if ANYONE has, even the LQ file, the 5th episode uploaded? I've searched through the drama communities I'm a member of, d-addicts, here, but ever since dozchan  stopped uploading the episodes the people who do are usually late and now this >.< It's not out for download even a week after.

Tomorrow is already the 6th episode, the one focusing on Motoki Kensuke [Ohkura's character], probably, from what I could tell from the preview, and I clearly don't want to be having that episode be late or not even coming out for download. I'll watch it on the airing time, as always, but I'll need the file when it's available for download to continue with my episode summaries.

It's a weird request, but the first part of the summaries is going to be up soon, and I think we all need one ne :) So if anyone can help me with this, onegaishimasu ne~!