August 25th, 2010

yoyo appraisal

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The chosen day has come and gone, already, in Japan, and Club8 is now open.

*edit* When you first open the doors to club8, the message displayed is asking for you to choose a nickname to go by in the club.

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This time it seems like we have Ace to guide us. He talks about Arsenal

and Gum

I will update this post when new things arise ;Dv

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It's my first time posting here so... よろしくおねがいします~ :)

- Arashi- (1-5)
- Aiba (6-7)
- Sho (8-9)
- Nino (10-16)
- Matsumiya (17-20)
- Aimiya (21-22)
- Junba (23)
- Sakumiya (24)

- Nino+Ryo (25)
- Ryo+Yamapi (26)
- Kanjani8 (27)
- Yasuda Shota (28)
- Ohkura Tadayoshi (29-31)
- Ohkura+Ryo (32-33)
- Ryo (34-40)
- Ganbatte ikimasshoi (Ryo 41-42)
- 1 Litre no Namida (43-59 -mostly Ryo)

here at my journal askina_spn 

[cover] Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru

i recorded this before it was even technically realeased yet, but i fell in love with the lyrics~  and wanted to give it a try

i appologize for
1- my horrible choruses, ohkura has insanely low range so i went an octave higher throughout the song, which makes the choruses utter fail (one thing i hate about ohkura... its near impossible to cover his solos T^T) which is why i reverbed the f**k outta this thing XD
and 2- this video doesn't do the vocal quality justice, i have uploaded the better mp3, as this video sounds buzzy to me


not a bad vocal cut though yay!