August 30th, 2010

Kanjani8 - don't care boy bands rule

Question about Johnny's merchandise

I wasn't sure where to ask this so if this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete.

I'm about to go to Los Angeles in a few days and was wondering if there are any particular stores anyone knows of that sells Johnny's merch and not just CD's and DVD's but things like clearfiles or uchiwas or anything like that.

I know of Kinokuniya but that's about it.

I'll actually be staying in Little Tokyo so anything close to that is appreciated. ^_^
[bts] ♡ group i.

Johnny's Entertainment & Kpop Fandom = In Comparison.

-- Bow down, it's Kanjani8! Lol I know right, this is not really the best picture to put but I don't know where the hell I've placed my Kanjani8 picture folder in my external HD. *pouts* ANYWAY. THEY ARE THE EPITOME OF JE AWESOMENESS, FUCK YES I'M SERIOUS.♥  They're certainly do not have that kind of aura on first glance and I admittedly didn't paid any attention to them the first time I saw them but omfg, when I got to know them, they made me sleepless for many nights because all I've been doing is to watch and watch and watch them and laugh nonstop because of it! :))) They all hail from the Kansai part of Japan, which are the home for most of Japanese comedians therefore earning them the title of Comedian-idols, and they are also dubbed as the Idols who could ruin the future of Japanese comedians. Lol! Ossan San-nin (3 Old Man; composed of Subaru [the 2nd from the left], Yoko [next to Subaru] and Hina (2nd from the right)], also called as Sanbaka (3 Idiots) are the group's blabbermouths. Lol, think of them as the Teukigayo (+ Kangin/Heechul) of Kpop, but I personally think that Sanbaka's still superior when it comes to funny story-tellings or even gags, not that I adore Teukigayo (+ Kangin/Heechul) any less. :D

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