September 6th, 2010

[tacchon] darekimi

[lyrics] Butterfly I Loved -complete- and question.

 Actually, it's more of a question other than just writing down the lyrics.

I know there have been several posts of this before, but to the song I have from fancams and all, they're not accurate.
I'm not saying the one I just wrote down is perfectly it, but I really think it's the closest.

So I have a question. Is there really any pamphlet or something where we can read the official lyrics?
Because all I've seen around are just stuff people have posted guessing from listening to the song through the years, and I'm grateful for their efforts, but we all know just that can never really be accurate.

So, I've typed down what I think is closest to the way Ohkura sounds when he sings this song, listening and watching fancams of this song repeatedly.

I'm making my comparison and have the lyrics in this post here

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