September 7th, 2010

Sobu love <3

Club "THE EIGHT" Event Application Tutorial

I'm not sure if people are really in need of this (LOL) but if you need help deciphering the kanji when you are applying for the Club "THE EIGHT" Event here's some help (with the aid of ichigo_kurimu&hearts)

First you need to send a blank e-mail to You must use a keitai (cellphone) e-mail, so you need the docomo/softbank/au/etc e-mail. Those who have a PC, PHS, and smart phones (black berry, iphone, etc.) cannot apply. Thanks aishitsuzukeru! Make sure you set your filter to enable mails from if you have a junk mail filter.

Then you will receive an e-mail with the link to the application site. Click on the site then click on the button.

I'm just ordering them how the info input boxes were listed on the application site I was directed to :)

- Venue of application (大阪 - Osaka, 名古屋 - Nagoya, 札幌 - Sapporo, 秋田 - Akita, 広島 - Hiroshima, 福岡 - Fukuoka, and 東京 - Tokyo)
- Name (I wrote mine in English here) <--just make sure it matches whatever official photo identification you choose to use
- Name in furigana (your name in katakana)
- Age
- Sex (男 for male, 女 for female)
- Phone number (just straight--no hyphens needed)
- E-mail (but it should already be listed for you).

Then click the button. You will then get a confirmation screen to make sure everything's correct, then click the button to confirm it.

The event will be on Sunday, September 12th, from 11:00-14:00. You must be available to attend the entire event. Event details (like specific location) will only be given to successful applicants. Only one application is allowed per person. If your application is successful you will be notified Friday, September 10th. If you didn't hit then you won't receive an e-mail. If you do hit, remember to bring your e-mail confirmation of the win and a photo ID. Good luck to all of those who are applying!!! Remember, you can apply until the 9th at 18:00!!