September 9th, 2010


Community/Subbing Release Updates September 2010

Hey all! Just a few short updates:

Check out these new communities:

yokogifaday: A different Yokoyama You gif posted everyday!

kanjani8gifaday: A daily dose of gorgeous animations with our favourite boys! ^^

Subbing Updates:

je_cookiedaysx: Kanpani episode 09 with English subs Please join the community to view and download this release.

Please comment here if you want to share your subbing updates next month and here to advertise your new community.

Shingo = you can see


This is my first time on posting on this community. I've been a Kanjani8 fan since a year ago... 

I just wanna ask if what show is this gif, I dunno where did I found this one. But it seems cute and wanna watch this one. If possible, I want it in English subs. Raw files is fine if there's no one subbed the show~~~

Sorry for being a burden. 

Thanks in advance. ^___________^

LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou e~ PV with Eng/Karaoke subs

So I really didn't like the translation I saw online for this song. I dunno who translated it, and I don't wanna insult them or anything, but a bit of it was a little off and I think it messed up some of the really great lines of the song :D So, hey, I decided to sub it myself :D

I guarantee you haven't seen this exact translation, considering I did it myself yesterday :P haha.

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Janiben 20100909

The female guest picks Subaru as her type
Ohkura gets turned down by the guest
Yoko's flirt mode is on (you tell it's kinda working)
Yoko gets insulted and takes it (Ohkura feels Yoko's pain)
Game's theme this week is outdoors
Subaru's "I want to mount her" look while the guest was laying on the hammock
Yasu's tension is up while jumping on an inflatable
Yoko begs for mercy from the other members
Yoko loses it again
The other members rather give the guest a high-five over Yoko who deserves it
And the female guest changes her pick to Hina and that marks the 3rd time that Subaru is rejected by a female guest

Watch it before it becomes private
luther ; vices

new album ∞uppers! 10/20!

This is a poster from a store^

Here's the confirmation! The album is called ∞uppers and the ∞ stands for Patchi! So actually the Prologue of Patchi was the Prologue of 8 ;D

On the poster it says that it will be a special album, "The industry's first"!!! And all the mysteries around club8 and the prologue will finally be resolved here!!

Gah, I can't wait!! :D *waits for preorder links*