September 12th, 2010


∞Uppers Film in Theaters 10/11

I was just reading various fanblogs after the event ended, so here's some info:

-Seems the film will open in TOHO cinemas in Japan on October 11th
-Fans who attended the event got to see the whole film - info courtesy skycouldfall 
-The fans were told about the various CD editions coming out
-Ohkura in a wig
-They each got their own ∞Uppers fliers (like the one posted here.)
-Eito members were at the Tokyo event and it was broadcast via television everywhere else
-The members wore their black suits/were in character
-They sat in this order: Yoko, Maru, Ohkura, Subaru, Ryo, Yasu, and Murakami

Press members were also at the event, so fans were told to stay quiet until newspapers published the info on Monday. So I expect that after newspapers publish this info Monday morning (officially confirming the CD), pre-order links will pop up!

Also, the film opening in theaters should be the same one that will be released with the LE version CDs. Fanblogs are reporting the movie to be about 80min which matches up with the 77min film moogle_tey reported in previous entries.