September 19th, 2010


Kanjani8 - TICKETS help!


Ok, so me and my sister are in seriously in need hope help, we're a bit desperate...! Sorry.

So, the thing is both of us want to go the Kanjani concerts this fall/winter and we live in Tokyo atm. We have applied to become members some weeks ago but we have still not gotten any reply. We wanted to get tickets ourselves to save everyone else from this entry, but now when there's so little time left until the dead line, we have to do this.

In other words; is there anyone out there who could buy tickets for us too?
I've done this before (with the help of tellytelly) and there shouldn't any problems. Of course we would pay for everything if there's anyone who's willing to help.
We also know it's not for certain that you'll get tickets but we at least want to try, and we're getting quite stressed about it.

If there's anyone who think they might be able to help, please send me a message. I truly hope there's someone who'll assist us.

Thank you for your time and I hope all Kanjani fans out there will be able to go to a concert sometime<!

//Decembepie :)
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Yay, we can play darts!


I saw today that we can play darts at culb8 and thought it might be nice for everyone to share their scores. My first score was 109. I've no idea if that's good or not... Maybe not so good because it took me a few turns to really get how to play the game.

p.s. not sure how to tag this, tried anyway