September 26th, 2010


A radio show for Subaru

Subaru was right, wooing Namiki san on recomen was obviously the way to go to have his own radio show XD
On NACK5, starting in October.

☆ title: "Kanjani∞ Shibutani Subaru no Subaraji" (pun on "subarashii" and "radio")
☆ broadcast: every Saturday 00:00~00:30
☆ personality: Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani∞)

Maru yoga YouTube clip question

Hi fellow eighters~

I was wondering if anyone knows what show this clip is from and if it's available in its entirety anywhere.

I'm guessing it's kind of old. I compared it against one Honjani episode where Eito do yoga, but it doesn't seem to be the right one. Thanks in advance! :Dv

Edit: You guys are all awesome. Thank you and case closed!