October 9th, 2010

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[FanFiction] Ryo The Latchkey Boy, Chapter 8

Title: Ryo the latchkey boy - chapter 8: Unexpected Events
Characters: Kanjani8, News, Ryo focused
Summary: Kanjani8 and News tries to handle Ryo’s absence in their own way; mourning for his death and surprised at the end… (its more interesting when you give it a try *huh* err… just believe me once… )
probably many mistakes due to ‘unbeta’, coz my English is not well enough :p

Authors Note: This one is shorter than usual.

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eito rangers

OhYass drabble :D

Title: My Missing Piece
Pairing: OhYass
Summary: Ohkura lost his missing 'puzzle' piece in his heart and left Yasu alone to search for it.
Author's Note: The story's based on the song Puzzle. I reeeaaallly hope you like it! ^^  
Diclaimer: I don't own any of them ):

That dream we held on to then. Are we getting closer to it? Are we drifting farther away?