October 17th, 2010


eito calendar 09-10 scans

hello, minna-san!

i'm back with some scans.. now that i actually have a scanner to work with, i decided to take all possible advantage of it.

so this time i scanned eito calendar 2009-2010. you can find it here in my journal ^^
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HQ Scans [8UPPERS] LE and RE from Baidu

Since the scanner asks "pls don’t upload it to any other forum,thx", I will link you to their page directly - http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=914341691

8Uppers初回+通常盘.rar → [8UPPERS Limited Edition + Regular Edition].rar → use rayfile link provided there

How to download from Rayfile (it's VERY EASY):
  1. Go to http://static.rayfile.com/zh-cn/client/ and press the 下载 (download) button to get Ray Source.
  2. Run the RaySource_Setup_V2.1.10.8366.exe file.
  3. Go to the scanner's page and press the link with "rayfile.com/files/650..." in it (3rd link in there). Now that you're on the Ray File's page press the 进入下载页 (Go to the Download Page) button, then the 用Raysource下载 (Use Raysource to download) button.
  4. Chose the destination folder and start downloading.
  5. Done! Enjoy!
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PS: If you tried several times but were still unable to download from RS, send me a PM and I will give you a link to MF and a password.

Warning about Raysource: Read this comment for details.