October 18th, 2010


animal magic icons

hi everyone, it's me.. again XD

this time, i have no scans, as i'm back to scanner-less life.. but instead, i present you 45 icons i worked with while sitting in a train. these are all form animal magic pv ^^



as always, you can find them all here in my journal! ^^
Sobu love <3

Maru's butai "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"

The official information was released about Maru's upcoming butai Gilbert Grape on Johnny's net here. Dates are in Tokyo Globe and Osaka Morinomiya. More information on the original movie here.

Also I just caught the end of Hey! Hey! Hey! and if I spotted him correctly, it seems like Maru will appear in the Mei Kyoku section as one of the audience members next week :)