October 26th, 2010

∞: Shibuyan

[4] ∞UPPERS Wallpapers

These aren't as perfectly worked as my last set but I just felt like doing a few group wallpapers to round out the thought. Plus the packaging of the album was just so nice. :)


Also I wrote about my feelings for the album and a little bit about the movie/making of above the cut I'm directing you to, so don't scroll up if you're still avoiding spoilers! (If you are not, you are free to read the flailing. XD)

GM Odore Doctor download

hello! i'm here to ask again. :)

i'm looking for tacchon's drama: GM Odore Doctor (w/ Higashiyama Noriyuki)
can you please provide me links to where i can download the episodes preferably with subs or if not, the raws and where i can download the softsubs.

Thank you very much to those who will help. :)