October 28th, 2010


tte! Piano version and Life piano/guitar chord

Another release from hachi_n_theband 
Hopefully I don't fully ruin the awesomeness of this song ><
It's quite messy compared to other release. 


Next, a special treat. Life - Me no Mae no Mukou e guitar/piano chord :)
The chord is quite easy so I'm sure you'll be able to master it soon.
So take your guitar, read the chord, and have fun with eito song.


Club8's Update - Diary in the VIP room

There is a new item in the Club8's VIP room. ;)




きっかけはエースや。 アイツが掃除当番を
しとったら、 昔に買って使ってなかった

我ながら良いアイデアやな。 せやけど掃除を

Translation it's pretty crappy, sorry:

How many years has it been since I have
last written a diary...? I have never kept one
for long, though. But I'm an adult already
and I think it's good to keep one now.

For starters, the reason I thought of
starting a diary is Ace. That guy is skipping
his cleaning chores, so I'm doing them
instead of him. While tiding up the room I
found this diary, that I bought a long time
ago but never used, and a photo album
from when I was in orphanage. It's full of
nostalgic photographs. Therefore I thought
of writing down my old memories in this
diary as well.

I think it's a very good idea... But I still have
to scold Ace for skipping chores. And since
this is my first entry I will end it here.


At first I thought this was written by Collapse ). XD

But it's actually by Collapse ). Or at least it looks like it. Yep, he is the one writing the diary. It's pretty clear from the later entries in there. :D


TooyamaKazuha (formaggie4) is a genius. Thanks to her we can view several more entries from the diary before they're even posted there. XD


UPDATE: I have transcribed the rest of the entries.
Collapse )
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