November 1st, 2010


Monogram Piano Version

Another piano rendition video by hachi_n_theband  pianist. Please endure this torment cause she still has more videos to come.
WARNING: no sheet music is involved. Lots of mistakes here and there. Bear the poor audio quality. 

As usual, we would love to hear your comment, which part should be improved and taken care of in the future release.

Cheers <3<3

  • mariiaw

[Wallpaper] Kanjani8 #5 (TWO wallpapers)

 Wow, hisashiburii uploading designs ~  Gomen ne(T-T)ノ 
But today, as a present, I have two eitowalls for you! (・ω・*)~ 

Hope you like it <3

PS: Damn, I want a lot of things, and I can't buy all,, ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
PS2: I'm addicted to
願い (Negai), in 8UPPERS album.


Download here:


Question and Scan Request :)

here again. Hello!

Question first. does anyone know if someone's subbing/ has subbed 8uppers director's cut and making?

next is for my request. i've had these photos on my Kanjani8 folder for two years now. I just wanna know from what magazine/shoot these photos are from and if anyone can give a link to download these photos (not just Ohkura's but also the rest of the members).
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