November 3rd, 2010

Question About Club8

Konnichiwa minna,

this is my first request about Club 8, Today I see the "V.I.P Zone" and the icon has changed to"Mac's Diary". If you go, you will see this.

Gomen, if I explain this, but I can think of someone not seen it yet (^^ U

someone can or in the future, translating this Diary?

so far, are two days in which Mac (Yoko) has written, on 28 October and 1 November.

Thank You For The answer >.<

Request again!

before anything else, i want to thank everyone who's been answering all my questions and requests! :)

here's my new request"

does anyone know where i can download the seven okan skit 1-6? i know that BNS subbed the vid but the links are in their forums and i heard there's problem with the site. 7-13 are all in BNS' lj so i was able to download them. is it possible that someone can re-upload them?

thanks again to those who will help! :)

Mac's Dairy

I've figured out how formaggie4 got the future diary entries out of the Club8's website.

Change XX to the number of an entry you wanna see.

Entry 01 - 01.png
Entry 02 - 02-1.png, 02-2.png, 02-3.png
Entry 03 - 03.png
Entry 04 - 04.png
Entry 05 - 05-1.png, 05-2.png
Entry 06 - 06-1.png, 06-2.png
Entry 07 - 07-1.png
Entry 08 - 08.png
Entry 09 - 09.png
Entry 10 - 10-1.png, 10-2.png
Entry 11 - 11.png
Entry 12 - 12.png
Entry 13 - 13.png
Entry 14 - 13.png
Entry 15 - 15-1.png, 15-2.png, 15-3.png 
Entry 16 - 16.png
Entry 17 - 17.png
Entry 18 - 18.png
Entry 19 - 19.png

Download all .png files at once: MF
Read translated entries: Here at jillia_and_luca's LJ.   


Yoko @ Takki & Tsubasa

It's currently Takki & Tsubasa's tour, and yesterday Yoko was a guest at their Kobe concert.
He went on stage during the MC and had a chat with them. He was wearing a white shirt, a dark blue sweat shirt decorated with a rainbow-colored palm tree, and dark grey trousers.

Coincidentally, yesterday was ALSO the day the dvd was shot, so if they don't cut the MC, Yoko has a chance to be in it ^^