November 4th, 2010


Oricon Monthly Charts for October

Oricon revealed the result for their monthly charts. :)

For the single's chart:

2. Dear Snow - Arashi 10/6 (572,573)

5. Yoku Asobi, Yoku Manabe - NYC 10/20 (102,721)

For the album's chart:

2. 8UPPERS - Kanjani 8 10/20 (248,914)


If you're interested to know the whole monthly chart result, see here

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I believe I'm not the only one who thought "Kanjani8 just went Tarantino on us!" when watching the awesome 8UPPERS trailer at the end of the Prologue of Pacchi.

That thought prompted me to make my first AMV ever! Luckily for me, it was not very difficult as one of the songs from the Kill Bill OST seems to fit the trailer a bit too well. XD

The AMV contains no movie spoilers other that what you have already seen from the Prologue of Pacchi. 

Video: 8UPPERS trailer (Prologue of Pacchi's ending)
Music: Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill OST)