November 7th, 2010

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[Report] KANJANI8 8UPPERS TOUR 2010-2011 - Oct. 30 & 31, 2010 Hokkaido - MC

I have written a report of the MCs from the Hokkaido shows on Oct. 30th and 31st. This shouldn't include spoilers, but you might be able to figure out what comes before and after the MC because I did mention that a little bit... so be aware!

The MC report can be found here:

The original report of the actual concerts can be found here (contains major spoilers):


question! :)

another round of questions. thanks again to those who helped in my previous ones. i supposed i'll be coming back here soon to ask more

so, i just wanna know if someone already subbed Ohkura's Chubaw Desuyo! guesting? and also if other members guesting on that show are allready subbed? (except ryo's cause i have that one)

next is, i've seen a screencap of ryo joking with ohkura into making a Torn 2. it's a docmentary or making of some sort. can anyone tell me what video it's from?

thanks again! :)