November 27th, 2010


Kanjani8 Negai Piano Version


Any eighters from Madrid - Lisboa - Seville?
If there're any, please please tell me cause I need your help *__*

As usual: No sheet music involved in the making of this video. It's not very neat also, missed notes here and there (as usual). I cut the song and did some improvisation in the middle.

Please enjoy <3<3 and don't forget to comment <3

  • fma245

Memorable Kanjani8 drama moments

Just like the title says: what's your memorable Kanjani8 drama moment.

Be it funny, creepy, bizarre or emotional

My Picks:
Quiz Show episode 8 and 9 when Honma goes insane and chokes Kamiyama
The fight between Mickie and Jun in Yasuko to Kenji
Hidarime Tantei Eye: Yumeto sharpening a knife and whistling
Guests of Room 0: All of the Narrator scenes and seeing Maru and Yasu switched roles ie Maru is the tsukkomi and Yasu is the boke