December 14th, 2010


Community/Subbing Release Updates December 2010

Hello and sorry for this very very late release! Here you go!

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And here are some o_e_subs releases from the previous month!

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101001 MS Eito (talk)
100801 Oshareism - Ryo
Eito - 8UPPERS - Feature Music Film

Please comment here if you want to share your subbing updates next month and here to advertise your new community.

Thanks and once again sorry for the way belated update!
Sobu love <3

Tokyo Dome Fan Meetup 12/18 6pm show

Hello everyone! Just a reminder about the fanmeet for this Saturday!

I can't meet up before the concert (but I read that fans were planning to meet at the sign for the K8 tour at the front of Tokyo Dome to line up for goods at 8am then later at the same location to hang out before the concert at 1pm here.)

I will be around after the concert though so if any of you are interested, let's meet up at around 1/2 an hour to an hour after the concert at the same sign. I'll try to make a sign that says "Eden" so you can just look for that sign. I hope to see you there! :)