December 20th, 2010


Oricon Yearly Album and Singles Ranking for 2010

Oricon released their result for the yearly album & singles.

2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking TOP50 : Albums

27. “8UPPERS” – Kanjani 8 : (265,439)

The “2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking” for singles: TOP 50 : Singles

15. “LIFE~Me no mae no Mukou e~” – Kanjani 8 : (305,478)
18. “Wonderful World!!” – Kanjani 8 : (275,891)
43. “GIFT~Midori~(Yuki wo Kudasai/One day in winter/Snow White)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (136,508)
44. “GIFT~Shiro~(Fuyukoi/Kimi no Uta wo Utau)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (136,003)
46. “GIFT~Aka~(I wish/Minus 100 do no Koi)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (133,978)

see who else made it

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Fanfic: Mutant 8 Chapter 3

Title: Mutant 8

Writer: [info]kawaitahana
Rating: Safe

Summary: In the world full of mutant, mutants want to life peacefully with the human without the human need to know their existence. That's why the Organization exist. To keep the mutant existence as a secret is their main purpose. And seven amazing mutant become their member to keep that pupose.

Chapter Three : The Limitation

Chapter Two : The Case

Chapter One : The Cleaner

Character's Background Story 

jin eyes

Recommendation when visiting tokyo: Johnny's Temple

interested to know a place where you can wish & pray for your favorite johnny's?

Around Kagurazaka in central Tokyo lies 善国寺(Zenkoku-ji, Zenkoku Temple), sometimes also called the Johnny’s temple because of the large number of Johnny’s fans who come to pray for their favourite group’s success or simply pray they will get tickets to an upcoming concert. 

read more here @ [info]tesshimassu  :)

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Hello everyone! I've come with my next FAILS video ^^
As well as a remix video of every Eito's singles till now!
SO a big thank you to dear dozchan and the sweet kazuh for providing the raws.
I had a lot of fun making these, and of course, I hope y'all have fun watching them ^^
EDIT: I've uploaded the FAILS video on MU
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