December 25th, 2010

Cherry Blossom

Con Report: 8UPPERS in Tokyo Dome!

Hi there~ I am a little late posting this up here, but I happened to write a really long, in-detail report of Eito's Saturday concert in Tokyo Dome. For those who have time and want to have some more details / images here and there, please feel free to read it  [ HERE ].

Be warned... it's really long ^^;;;;
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K8 Kyocera Dome Concert Ticket

Instead of trying to stalk every seller out there. I was just wondering if anyone still had a ticket or two for any of the K8 concerts in Osaka,
30th,31st,1st. I've seen a few sold already, so just wondering :)).


Also random. Snowglobes are 1800yen



About Eito calendar

Leslie Kee, a Singaporean and world-famous photographer, mentionned on Twitter his different 2011 works, and those included "Kanjani∞'s calendar"

I took pictures for 10 days non-stop. For Yuming's upcoming album, directed by Shindou Mitsuo san. For a number of magazines, actresses Miyazawa Rie, Igawa Haruka, Mizuhara Kiko, Karina, and then the universal ONO YOKO and Christina Aguirela. The golfer Ueda Momoko. Kanjani∞'s calendar. All that for 2011! Be sure to check it!

His official website, if you want to check his works.
You can spot some quite famous models/artists in his portfolio ^^
And if you google his name, you'll find several articles about his previous projects, he really sounds like a first-class photographer.

MSSL + SCP HQ screencaps ♪(▽`*)

v(゚∇^*)>o⌒☆merry X'mas☆ミ
so my gift to Eden for Xmas is none other than:



there are 2 screencap folders for MSSL because i screencap-ed the whole perf 2 times (is a fussy person)
so just take your pick! Wishing youu all, Eighters, non-Eighters, JE fangirls,
a Merry Xmas and a happy happy new year! ♥ ★:゜*☆※>o( ̄▽ ̄*)>*

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