January 2nd, 2011

[tacchon] facial hair

[scans] 8uppers concert goods [main Ohkura]

 I had scanned my pamphlet as well, but since someone already uploaded it, I figured not many people would need it :p

But as I haven't seen scans of anything else [talking about photosets and the like], and thought some people might want them, right?
I know I did, for myself. Nice graphics would come out of the tramp card pictures and thoughts of the like motivated me to this ;)

So here they are~

8uppers tour - tramp cards (those with their pictures ofc): MU | MF
8uppers tour - Eito photoset (aprox. 3000 x 2700): MU | MF
8uppers tour - Ohkura clearfile-uchiwa (yes I scanned that as well!): MU | MF
8uppers tour - Ohkura photoset (aprox. 1200 x 1700):  MU | MF

Now I want to add that these are not the best of qualities since my scanner is acting up lately, and the truth is I personally am satisfied only with the uchiwa XD But I did my best and after hours of trying several resolutions and scanning methods etc, I did it!!


PS - Queen Ohkura looks very pretty XD
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