February 21st, 2011

Two probable Eito drama

According to rumours, two Eito drama should be announced in tomorrow's The Television.

Ryo as the main role of a family life drama, "Inu wo kau to iu koto", to be broadcasted from April on Fridays at 11pm on TV Asahi.
Ryo will play Hongou Yuuji, with Mizukawa Asami as his wife. A family, on the brink of collapse, finds a puppy. Thanks to that event, the family will reborn.

Okura in Friday's 10pm "Umareru (temporary title)" on TBS, as Taichi, the younger brother of Manami (Horikita Maki), with Tanaka Misako as Aiko, their mother. It's a human drama with pregnancy at older age as its thema: when Manami learns about the unexpected pregnancy of her 51 years-old mother, she's unable to accept it, and with her brother, they worry about the changes that will occur in the family.