April 23rd, 2011

Maru in a movie

Kanjani∞ Maruyama, first movie role in "Wild 7"

It was revealed on the 22nd that Kanjani∞'s Maruyama Ryuhei (27) will have his first movie role "Wild 7" (directed by Hasumi Eiichiro), on screens this winter. Starring Eita, it's a thrilling action epic where seven wild police officers who ride motorcycles exterminate villains with no discussion. Maruyama, playing a "Wild 7" member, is fired up by his entry in the movie world: "it's exciting to challenge this new world".

 One of the highlights is showy motorbike action, he got a medium-sized bikes driving license at the beginning of March, and he obtained a large-sized bikes driving license at the end of the same month to deal with the filming.
Although Maruyama is known to have a cheerful, friendly character in Kanjani∞, he played the main role this year in January in the "Gilbert Grape" butai, being in perfect form as an actor. He enthusiastically said "I'll have the opportunity to show a wild side that has never been seen before"

Source: Sanspo

TWL Piano Version

Another piano cover post, this time it's TWL.
The beginning has slower tempo but the rest is quite OK.
Please enjoy <3 
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ps: This is a play by ear, no sheet music used, and I am not accepting any sheet music requests. 
pps: I'm looking someone in ACT - Sydney to do some cover with me. If you're interested, pm me :)