May 8th, 2011


[FIC] As You Are

Title: As You Are
Rating: G
Category: One Shot
Pairings: Ohkura X Ueda
Ueda Tatsuya is trying his best to train for his solo concert. And when he felt unconfident, he went back to the place where he started to regain himself.
Disclaimer: Sadly the talented boys are not mine.. If any of them are mine, I don’t care if you want to sue me.. :P

A/N: Because rek121  said “
I don't think that I'll be able to stand pairings such as koki/tegoshi, ohkura/ueda, subaru/taguchi, it's just a big no for me” I suddenly thought of an UedaXOhkura pairing. LOL! I’m crazy~!! XD
It’s supposed to be threesome of RyoKuraXUeda, but I can’t find the right place to slip Ryo in.

( “Play for me,” Ohkura repeated when he could see the hesitancy in Ueda’s eyes. )
you tette

[FIC] Yokohina - My life would suck without you

Title: My life would suck without you
Type: a songfict
Group: Kanjani8 + Nino (Arashi)
Translation by: hachiko85  (thank you, my dear!)
Pairing: Yokohina (and some Subassan)
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: don't own, sadly... but QUITE sure they own each other, in a strange way XD I don't own the song, too.
Notes: this is a songfict based on Kelly Clarkson's "My life would suck without you". I'm italian, so this fict has been translated. Sorry for the mistakes/typos you might find. And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOKO!

Guess this means you're sorry...

[Wallpaper] Nishikido Ryo #27

YAY! I don't stop~ 
I was making a crêpe torte for my boyf's birth ^^
I'm not good cooking.. but it's great...

Well, another wall made yesterday.

The picture was in very low quality, so eventhought the low Q. of the wall, it was very difficult T^T

He's with TOPOP (Yasu) perfomance's clothes ~  

Such a cuteness isn't of this world...