May 21st, 2011

yuu chan

Want Eighter Friends!! (>__<)

Hello everyone, i just wondering if there are some Kanjani8 FC member live in Kansai area...
I live in Kyoto and a member, and I really want to meet eighter friends! I hadn't met one since I come here (T__T)

Sometimes when FC mail service come and tell information about 'bangumi kyouryoku' (TV program cooperation) like Janiben in Osaka,
I really feel like going but have no one to go with... (I'm too shy to go alone since i'm a foreigner >////<)
So please, somebody~ be my eighter friend and let's watch Janiben filming together!
Please help this lonely me... (>w<)

Sorry for my bad English and thank you soooo much!
I'm waiting for any warm answer (^o^)/