August 17th, 2011


Dome Tour Announced!

◇札幌ドーム Sapporo Dome

◇福岡Yahoo!JAPANドーム Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome

◇東京ドーム Tokyo Dome

◇京セラドーム大阪 Kyocera Dome Osaka

let's change our icon for support 24hr TV

minna-san kon nichiwa

for support 24hr tv, even if it something simple, Why not change our icon to uniform one?!

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i mean all of us, the same icon for 24hr tv , just until the end of the show, 8\21 ,anoo amm i think it's good idea ^^
what do you think?!! if yes please please change your icon to one above, just just until end the show
if this idea not good .... gomene T_T

Tsubusa ni Koi sales report...

1st day sales:

x -> 1   Kanjani8 - 70,881
x -> 2   SDN48 - 57,686
x -> 3   2PM - 37,916

Note: Numbers in copies, all versions included.

It'd be great if this single can surpass 200k first week, but with a first day number like this it's pretty unlikely, unless 24-Hour TV can give them a boost. For now though, I'm predicting 150k first week at most.

*was having fun reading Japanese Eighters on twitter complaining about Teichiku's bad marketing strategy.

A bit off-topic, but I'm kinda mad that 2PM are ahead of Kuwata Keisuke. Legend deserves better placing! Hoping that the usual free-fall of both SDN and 2PM to occur tomorrow and allow Kuwata-san back in the top 3.