August 25th, 2011

Fanvid YokoHina ~Jealousy~

Hatred... Anger... It's time for ones filling up with jealousy, so much enough... to be even the devil.

Starring: Yokoyama You (横山裕), Murakami Shingo (村上信五) and Maruyama Ryuhei(丸山隆平) -関ジャニ∞-
Music: Frozen - Madonna

p.s. My first time making fanvid! And actually it get me 4 days in a ow to make it ... ;____; Comment is much appreciated~

Um hi...again.

A little while ago I posted a couple of fanvids I'd done but I didn't realise I'd put in some clips I wasn't supposed to so I took them away, edited them and re-uploaded them. I also made some more. 

I now have a complete collection of fanvids, one for each of the members, a general group one and a general JE one (mainly focused on eito) so I wanted to share them here again. I hope this is ok. Again.

Nishikido Ryo - Fix You (contains some NEWS clips)

Murakami Shingo - Mr Mom

Maruyama Ryuhei - You've Got a Friend in Me

Ohkura Tadayoshi - Shy Boy

Yasuda Shota - Fireflies

Shibutani Subaru - Colorblind (probably my favourite)

Yokoyama Yuu - Forever Young

Kanjani8 - My Funny Friend and Me (All members)

JE - High School Never Ends (Various JE)

Please enjoy ;)
Lis x