September 5th, 2011

嵐 - Neen

Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger

Hi everyone!
I have a little request, I hope you'll be able to help me ^^

I'm looking for english translations of the Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger (not the personal jweb of the members, but that one), from 2009 to... today XD
This is what I have already:
Hina: all entries
Tacchon: all 2009 entries, entries of last months of 2010, something of 2011
Subaru: few entries of 2009 and 2011
And stop XD

Basically, I have only what I could find there, there and there

Do you know where I could find other members' entries?
Thanks in advance :)
Jun laughing
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Two One-shots

Title: Bar (en)counter
Pairing: Ace/Mac (= Ryo/Yoko)
Rating: NC-17
smut, rather PWP-ish ^^
Summary: (The request said to just write any 8Uppers pairing^^)
After a stressful job, Mac feels particularly tensed... Good that there is Ace around, because he knows it the best... how to make someone relax.
Written for the JE Anon Kink Meme, dedicated to the anon-requester^^ I hope that's what you wanted!



Title: About Sho's very unique addiction to a very specific butt
Pairing: Sho/Ryo
Rating: NC-17
smut, bit romance
Warning: bit BDSM
Summary: (The request said to make some BDSM out of it. I just didn't know how to include the Hawaii-extra^^ But they are making holidays there^^)
When Sho suddenly comes up with a sudden interest in Ryo...and Ryo's cute little butt, he decides to dash forward. Good that he has a house at Hawai, a liking in ties and Jun, who is the king of setting people up...
Written for the JE Anon Kink Meme, dedicated to the anon-requester^^  I hope you will like it! (I didn't know how much BDSM you wanted me to include. I hope this was what you wanted...)