September 16th, 2011

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

Now YOU can have jweb on your phones!

... Smart Phones that is. If you haven't recieved your J-International emails, the top news of the week was:

1. Brand-new "Johnny's web" App for Smartphone!******************************

Dear overseas fans,
We can announce that the "Johnny's web" Application for Smartphone,
which you can install from your countries, has just been released!

"Johnny's web", that until now was only accessible from Japanese
mobile phones, is now available overseas to Smartphone users!
And if you register you will be able to watch exclusive videos and read
your favorite Johnnys' diary!!

*How to register:
1. From your Smartphone, access and you will
  be able to sign up to Johnny's web
2. Download the official App from Android Market or the App Store (free)
3. Now you can login using the email address and password created
  when you signed up to Johnny's web

*This service is in Japanese only

*Johnny's web monthly charge fee: 315Yen (taxes included)
 However, the App download is free of charge
Immediately, I jumped on it and it's been great (after some mild frustrations) and I made a guide for others who want to register.

What you need is:
  • A Smart Phone (Android 2.0 or higher/iPhone - No Blackberry)
  • Credit Card
The service costs 315円/month so you need a credit card on hand for them to charge this service. You obviously won't have access to the other payment options as they're for people in Japan. The App itself is free but you won't be able to access anything beyond the front page. You can browse the app though.

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Senpai to junior - friend to lover. Chapter 4: 2003 Part 4 & Honma/ Kamiyama one shot

Title: Senpai to junior - friend to lover. Chapter 4: 2003 Part 4
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/ Yokoyama You; Shibutani Subaru/ Yasuda Shota; Akame; Maruyama/??; RyoUchi, YokoSho, Hina/Tacchon Rating: PG Multi chapter
Genre: Romance, friendship, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Kanjani8 is formed and everyone is wondering how this will work out. At least  Yoko can say that he found something special: A junior who admires him. Unluckily Subaru has the opposite problem - a junior who follows him and whom he doesn't want to have around all the time....And there are Kame and Jin, a couple which can't work out, at least in Jin's mind, right?!
Note 2: Thanks to [info]lilly0 for helping me with the title of the story

Click here for Chapter 4


Title: I know what you need
Pairing: Honma/ Kamiyama aka Sakurai Sho/ Yokoyama You
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, pwp,
Warning: slight, slight BDSM
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, but the story is mine. :D
Note: English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for mistakes
Summary: Honma wakes up and is tied up on the bed....
Note 2: Written for the je anon kink meme HERE