September 19th, 2011

[FanFic] Sincerely, Your Ryo-chan

Title-Sincerely, Your Ryo-chan
Pairing- Ryo/Uchi
Rating- pg
Genre- AU
Disclaimer- Totally fictional :)
Summary- Uchi has dreamed of becoming a star, and finally becomes apart of the idol world. But when work starts taking up more and more time, which is more important, being an idol, or his Ryo-chan?
Note- First Ryo/Uchi fic. It feels so strange X3 Comments are <3

"You think I could be a star?"

Request: Mecha Mecha Iketeru, Kanjani8 and Nakai


I was wondering if anyone has the file for Kanjani8 on Mechaike? I had some clips from youtube of it but I cant find them anymore. The screencap above is from the episode if anyone isnt sure what I'm referring to. I believe the date was 12.25.2004 if that helps. I really want to find this file again, any help is appreciated.

ETA: file found! thanks everyone.